What is reflexology? Reflexology is a holistic therapy aiming to bring the body back to balance by pressuring specific points on the feet and/or hands.
How does it work? The feet and hands can be mapped with the body so any part of it can be stimulated by massaging the corresponding area.
What is a holistic approach? It means the body is seen as a whole, and if one area is out of balance, other areas will be so the whole person must be treated.


Come and enjoy a reflexology treatment. A series of six to eight treatments is recommended.
I am a recognised practitioner insured and registered with The Irish Reflexologist’s Institute (IRI).
IRI practitioners are covered by Laya Healthcare, VHI Healthcare and Irish Life Health. Check it out with your insurance scheme.

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Reflexology can be used to treat conditions as different as the following non-exhaustive list

  • Nervous system

    Headaches/Migraines, Shingles, Stress, Tension, Insomnias

  • Reproductive system

    Infertility, Breast lumps, Pelvic inflammatory disease

  • Digestive system

    Indigestion, Flatulence, Ulcers,
    Constipation, Gall stones

  • Respiratory system

    Colds and coughs,
    Sinusitis. Hay fever

  • Skeletal system

    Neck, Shoulder, Back,
    Hip, Arthritis

  • Urinary system

    Cystitis, Incontinence,
    Kidney stone

  • Circulatory system

    Angina, Varicose veins,
    Hypertension, Hemorrhoids

  • Lymphatic system

    General infection, Throat infection,
    Glandular fever

  • Endocrine system

    Adrenal gland disorders,


Open minded, I came across reflexology a few years ago. After a few month practicing on my own, I decided to take a step further and find a qualification to become an ITEC qualified reflexologist, getting my diploma from Green Tara College in Navan, well recognized study centre providing high-standard holistic training and qualifications.

French native, after studying law finishing with a Master in Human Rights, I moved to Spain where I worked in the tourism industry. Few years later, I moved to Dublin, deciding to open opportunities by studying an online MBA course with the University of Poitiers, working at the same time in the Digital Marketing industry, making my way through to manager of a Sales Research team.

After an increasing interest for holistic therapies, I decided to step-in by taking a diploma in reflexology.If reflexology was developed in the mid-to-late twentieth century, massaging the feet to help the body is a very ancient practice found in many different cultures such as the Egyptian, the Chinese or the native Americans.


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